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The Hornstick is a beautifully made stand for French Horn.

  • When using the Hornstick while you play, lessening the strain on your shoulders and back.
  • The horn can be supported in different ways:
    • Sitting and supporting your horn on the thigh.
    • Sitting and supporting the horn on the chair.
    • Standing and supporting the horn with a adapter attached to your belt.
  • The stick attaches to an adapter, which is mounted to the tubing of the horn. The attachment is simply screwed on, and fits on every horn.
    A simple mechanism allows the stick to be attached and taken off easily and very quickly.
  • The stick can be simply adjusted in height.
  • When removing water you don’t need to remove the stick.
  • Playing Bell-up is also possible without removing the stick.
  • The stick is made from ultra light and strong Carbon, it is made so that it doesn’t damage your horn.
Here the different possibilities.

Set A or B

Sitting resting on the thigh.

Set B

Sitting resting on the chair.

Set B

Kerry Turner and Geoffrey Winter using the hornstick standing when using the belt-clip.